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Reviews & Testimonials

Hi, I’m Patricia, I spent a lot of time searching for a company that would be the right fit for us. I hired B9net to redesign our outdated website. After speaking with Bijay by phone I felt that his company would be able to redesign our website for easier navigation for internet use and also mobile device use, since now so many people search on their mobile devices.

After working with his team in combination with my ideas and their professional input, they created a beautiful website with great navigation and transition to mobile applications. Now that the website is finished, B9net will be doing the most important part, Search Engine Optimization, on and off page SEO.

Thank you Bijay, B9net is great to work with and I look forward to the second phase.

Patricia Foreman

Running an excellent team, B9NET has scaled heights in this industry and I am glad that they partnered us for our success. Digital marketing doesn’t work on a single strategy, which is why I hired the professionals of B9NET to do the job and let me focus on my business. They did a fine job with that. Thanks B9NET.

Manoj Kuma
Divine Gems & Stones

I would love to thank Bijay and his entire team for their sincerity and professional attitude. I should acknowledge that when I employed B9net for the very first time, I have second thoughts about my decision and their proficiency level in the SEO industry. Obviously, It is not simple to understand the competency of a person, specifically that from any offshore country. But I decided to take the risk and gamble on their talents and abilities. Now that the company is managing couple of my websites successfully, I am impressed and thank them for the great job. Bold Screen Printing.

George Teopaco
Managing Director,Bold Screen Printing

We have been working with B9net for couple of years now and we found out that the service and the staffs of this company are really incredible. The professionals working on our projects are skilled, reliable and of friendly nature. They fulfill our requirements, answer all our queries, and sincerely work to handle any complex situation. They work with a proficient technical team along with account managers who take good care of their clients. I heartily thank them for their services.

Bridget Goetze

About couple of months ago, I got am email from a person named Bijay. He said that he will promote my business website. In the first place, I was baffled to enter in a business relation with any Indian company. But I was genuinely looking for a marketing company to promote my online business. Hence I decided to go for their services. Initially I have second thoughts but after a bit conversation over the phone, he convinced me. They started working on it and within the first couple of months I started noticing profitable outcomes. They selected the keywords for my business and I was perplexed with their work. I decided to retain the business relation with them. Thanks a lot to Bijay.

Managing Director, Net Realty Now

Couple of years ago we were looking for a perfect web designing and SEO company and after much research we selected B9net. As the company is managing our projects with excellence, within months we started getting substantial amount of traffic and our website rank got better on Google. We were extremely felicitous with the outcomes and we urged B9net to redesign the company website we have.

David Montgomery
President, AAA Marble Care

We have been working with B9net for couple of years now. The team did an incredible job for my website. Being our online promotion partner, The Company has proved to be beneficial in enhancing the profitability of our company and making our website prominently visible on Google. We are grateful for their tips and support.

Brad Smith CST,
Territory Development, Mobile Drugs Screen LLC

Skillful and expert people are there in B9NET’s team who knows what their clients request – this is what I discovered from my personal experience. Their forte in mitigating risks and bringing a brand the critical advantage has upped our chances in the digital world. A big thumbs up to the guys.

Jerry Carr
President, TreadDesk

B9NET literally found us from nowhere because we didn’t have a slightest of idea about web presence or its benefits. Having a top team working out there in B9NET helped us expand our business outreach and brought phenomenal results.

Nizzam Teopaco
Managing Director