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About B9Net

Attain top rankings in SERP, increased number of potential leads and get better revenue

We are a group of experienced Digital Marketers, Content Developers, Social Media Experts, SEO Specialists, Web Designers, and Developers. “How can we build brands for small businesses?” – It was this question that propelled us to build the B9NET company. Gladly, we formed a stupendous team of people with eccentric ideas, unusual quirks and relentless interest for serving a platter of digital marketing services to small and mid-sized businesses.

How we do it?

Drafting a “simple” agenda would’ve been better, but we are a bunch of talkative persons who prefer discussing topics around the coffee table. Fortunately, it clicks and helps us to produce a magnificent plan for the clients. By formulating strategies that blend intriguing content with effective technologies, we actively stimulate your brand through the respective audience. We analyze engagement rates and its quality for time-to-time evaluation of performance.

The objective

No, we don’t “target” audience for net practice! Though our contemporaries like to do that. We immensely respect the audience and make an emotional connection with them. By bringing their impeccable ideas to the table, our team members launch a spectacular campaign online. Be it social media or local listing, your business would reach your prospective customers through effective and prompt channels.


At B9NET, we endeavor to produce A1 solutions on par with the highest of standards, and we’re proud to have earned these many feats in the pursuit of excellence.

Our Team


Never thought it’d be so easy, but our team members made it so with their extraordinary contribution and timeless efforts. B9NET assembled its credit-worthy professionals from talent pools in different job categories. Now we perform as a unit and overcome challenges with high-octane energies.
We share a commonality of tweaks, quirks and unconventional thoughts while building campaigns for clients. It keeps us lively, confident about experimenting and applying modern methods. Thankfully, we have utilized most of them to its full potential and replicated the success in all projects.
There’s a difference between launching a campaign and running it. According to a study, last year, Google introduced about 540 changes in its search engine algorithms, which were quite enough to stifle any ongoing campaign. We’re always ready for such currents (algorithmic changes and similar issues) and accordingly shift the strategy to reach the ultimate goal.


Hi, I’m Patricia, I spent a lot of time searching for a company that would be the right fit for us. I hired B9net to redesign our outdated website. After speaking with Bijay by phone I felt that his company would be able to redesign our website for easier navigation for internet use and also mobile device use, since now so many people search on their mobile devices.
After working with his team in combination with my ideas and their professional input, they created a beautiful website with great navigation and transition to mobile applications. Now that the website is finished, B9net will be doing the most important part, Search Engine Optimization, on and off page SEO.
Thank you Bijay, B9net is great to work with and I look forward to the second phase.

Patricia Foreman

B9NET literally found us from nowhere because we didn’t have a slightest of idea about web presence or its benefits. Having a top team working out there in B9NET helped us expand our business outreach and brought phenomenal results.

Nizzam Teopaco
Managing Director

Running an excellent team, B9NET has scaled heights in this industry and I am glad that they partnered us for our success. Digital marketing doesn’t work on a single strategy, which is why I hired the professionals of B9NET to do the job and let me focus on my business. They did a fine job with that. Thanks B9NET.

Manoj Kuma
Divine Gems & Stones

Skillful and expert people are there in B9NET’s team who knows what their clients request – this is what I discovered from my personal experience. Their forte in mitigating risks and bringing a brand the critical advantage has upped our chances in the digital world. A big thumbs up to the guys.

Jerry Carr
President, TreadDesk

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